Asplenium australasicum
Hoya australis Syzygium francisii Oxylobium robustum
May 2010

In May 2010 a license was signed with Sunshine Coast Regional Council for land at Victory Park, Laidlaw Road Woombye.
The new site ready to begin
License signed
June 2010

Work begins on the new tank base. 5 new tanks will provide a water source for the nursery.
Thanks to Richard, Jim and crew for work done on building the tank base.
Jim McClean and Richard Wickham begin work on the tank base.
Getting started
July 2010

Today our four 22,500 litre water tanks arrived. These tanks will harvest water from the Bocce Club roof and will bring our total water holding capacity to over 120,000 litres. This great water resource was previously storm water runoff and will now provide Florabunda with a quality water supply and help meet our commitment to sustainability.
The arrival of the tanks was a pretty exciting day for all us florabundians. (Well some of us)
Tanks arrive
August 2010

It was great to hand over the job of site excavation to Colin Gursanscky of Blacklaw Civil Constructions who has done a magnificent job of providing a clean, well-drained, compacted surface to begin construction of the new nursery.
Thank you to Colin and Blacklaw Civil Construction for their donation of time and machinery.
Site excavation begins
Site excavation
October / November 2010

A working bee was held in October to begin fencing the site. The fencing was completed over the next couple of months.
Gravel has been spread in the growing section of the nursery.
There will be further graveling to do once the polyhouses and the working areas have been constructed.
Fencing of the site is almost complete
Fencing begins
January 2011

A shade structure was removed from the old ginger factory in September, to make way for extensions to the ginger train route. It has now been given a new home and is warmly welcomed. Thanks to those who volunteered to remove the structure in a big hurry. Frank Jenkins, Rob Rooks, Joseph, Steve and Dylan Pearce.

The structure was reassembled over the very warm and wet months of December and January. Dieter, Norm and Glenn Burns were able to eat up big over christmas to replace kilos lost performing this job. Thanks guys.
Dieter Graf and Norm Morwood making the last adjustments to the shade structure. No cyclones please.
New shade structure